How To Choose The Right Office Coffee Machines

white ceramic teacup on stainless steel espresso machine

Coffee is a staple in many office environments. How can you make sure that your employees are getting the best coffee possible? One of the first things to consider when purchasing an office coffee machine is how often it will be used. For example, if you know that your employees drink more than four cups per day, then it may be worth investing in a high-end commercial-grade machine. Now, let’s dig deeper to help you choose the right office coffee machines.

Understand your requirements

Think of your coffee style before you decide on the right machine. Do you need a quick cup in order to get out the door? Or are you fine with waiting for an espresso from fresh beans to brew? Coffee makers range from instant-coffee machines that can create a drink within nine seconds, up 10 minutes or more for those who want their java made with nothing but freshly ground beans and hot water.

What options do you want to offer?

Coffee drinkers are not the only people who need a hot drink in the office. Others want tea or juice. But what about other options like cocoa? The options you offer to your employees will depend on what type of machine you purchase. If you want other options, consider tea and hot chocolate.

Decide the coffee machine

You’ve narrowed your coffee needs to a select few. Now it’s time to decide which machine will be best for the office.

person holding white cup pouring coffee

Single-serve: Single-serve coffee machine are very popular because not only do they save money on lightbulbs from using less electricity than traditional makers; their capsules also last for up to two years if kept unopened or brewed within 15 minutes as opposed to 40 seconds when brewing at home where ground beans have been opened by hand (or automatic grinder).

Table-top brewers: If you need a lot of coffee for your office, the tabletop brewer is perfect. Some people find it difficult to use because they have trouble reading or don’t want to spill near their computer equipment but once they get used to using it this machine becomes indispensable and will make life easier!

Table Top Brewers are great if there’s a constant stream of visitors in an office where many work on computers all day long. Table Top Brewers give employees what they really need–a quick cup any time during the day without having to go downstairs just so that someone can brew them one single cup at 3 pm when their coworker finally gets off lunch break.

A Kettle: The most basic of coffee-making options, this is a simple and cost effective way to make your java. It’s ideal if you have only a few employees and don’t need too much coffee in the morning with so many people around.

Bean to cup: If you love coffee, but want the authentic taste that comes from using fresh beans and brewing it yourself, then this is perfect for you. The best part about these machines? They can make any kind of drink imaginable- lattes to Americanos to espressos! And they’re easy as pie: just set up the machine with filtered water (it usually takes around 1 minute) and grind some beans into iced or hot filters depending on what type of brew you prefer. After all this setup works’s done, simply press “Brew” button – voila!

Coffee Machine Maintenance

Most coffee machines need a bit of maintenance. It’s up to you, the machine operator, whether or not they work as well and efficiently as possible! You are responsible for making sure that it works properly at all times by switching it on when needed and restocking supplies so your colleagues don’t have to go without their caffeine fix.

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